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These home remedies for oily skin can be used by both men and women. Oily skin afflicts thousands of us, including teens, and it may feel like a curse. After all, no one wants to look in the mirror and see “oil slicks” and the breakouts that they inevitably cause.

If you’re an oily skin sufferer and you really want to get rid of oily skin forever, there are a lot of things that you can do to improve your complexion and to feel better about your own appearance.

From gentle home remedies to extra-strength treatment products, to using just the right sunscreens or makeup for your specific skin type…there are a host of strategies to try, and all of them will work together to give you the clean, clear, matte skin that you’ve always wanted.

Whether your oily skin is genetic or caused by poor diet or environmental factors (such as allergies to skin products), there is always hope, and we are here to help you find a solution to your oily skin woes. Here are some suggestions to consider as you prepare and battle with your greasy skin.

Home Remedies for Oily Skin

While home remedies for oily skin may not have the same fast impact as certain lab-created skincare lines, they do offer affordable treatment options for mild to moderate cases of oily skin.

Common home remedies that combat greasiness includes applications (with a cotton ball or cotton pad) of witch hazel or apple cider vinegar. These natural astringents remove excess oil, and they are usually quite gentle when used in small amounts each day. In particular, witch hazel has been used to treat oily skin for centuries.

How to Prevent Oily Skin at Home.

Oily skin happens for a variety of reasons. For example, heredity may play a role. What you eat may also influence the state of your complexion.

Women who take contraceptive pills are also subject to fluctuating hormone levels that affect their skin. Even hot and humid days may cause your skin to produce way too much oil. If you’re female, switching birth-control pills may help a lot. Some new birth control pills, contraceptive pills, are quite effective at clearing up skin problems.

Avoiding processed foods will help get rid of oily skin at home.

Since the reasons for oily skin vary, adjusting your diet is probably the simplest way to prevent oily skin from the inside out. It is also one of the most effective home remedies for oily skin at home.

Avoiding refined sugars, processed foods, dairy products, and white flours will improve your complexion almost overnight, and staying away from these foods and drinks will generally cause a reduction in oily skin symptoms.

Milk and other dairy products are known aggravators of acne; if you have breakouts and oily skin, switch to almond milk or soy cheese for a while, and then track your results. Keeping your diet clean is a great way to improve your skin; just be sure that you are getting enough fluids and sufficient calories.

Although some foods are well known to increase the oiliness of the skin, you can always experiment and find out which foods affect your particular skin.

Choose Best Make-up for Oily Skin

Choose Oil-Free, Non-Comedogenic Sunscreen Formulas. These days, wearing sunscreen for protection from the sun’s rays is the best way to prevent sun damage (known as photo-aging) and to avoid potentially-deadly skin cancers. However, sunscreens may contain oils and other ingredients that really exacerbate your oily skin problems.

Therefore, choosing oil-free, non-comedogenic sunscreen formulas will always be the wisest choice. Many cosmetic companies, such as Neutrogena, produce very high-quality sunscreens that are one hundred percent oil-free.

These sunscreens may even contain other beneficial ingredients, such as anti-aging retinol or bakuchiol. Read more on the comparison of bakuchiol and retinol here. By avoiding oily sunscreens, you’ll enjoy sun protection without adding even more shine to your complexion.

As with sunscreen, foundations, concealers, blushes, and highlighter powders should all be oil-free. Look for solid brands with good reputations, such as Clinique or MAC, and specifically ask for help finding totally oil-free formulations.

Some bases and concealers will be specially formulated to take the shine off of your face. These modern cosmetics will absorb excess oil, giving you a smoother look that is very attractive. However, makeups designed for aging skin should be avoided, as they usually contain rich emollients that may trigger skin issues.

Best Skincare Routine For Oily Skin

If you need to know how to manage oily skin, you should be aware that proper cleansing, toning, and moisturizing is very important. Once you’ve found a three-step system that works for you, it’s important to stick with it.

Keep up with your three-step routine every day, and never go to sleep with makeup on your face, whether it’s a fully baked face or minimal makeup. Some people who want to know how to treat oily skin seek help from their dermatologists.

Others try oil-free gel cleansers, or very gentle cleansers, such as Cetaphil. Everyone is different, and it may take some trial and error to find out which cleansers, toners, and moisturizers work best for your skin.

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Final Thoughts on Dealing with an Oily Face

In general, over-cleaning is not recommended; after all, your skin does need some natural oils. Keep it gentle and oil-free for the best results.

Although there are different home remedies for oily skin. It is important to note that not each one will work for you. Test different ones and find out which one works best for your particular skin type.

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