Were Fake eyelashes Called Umbrellas

A friend asked me were fake eyelashes called umbrellas at any point in their history. And since I love the beauty industry and its history, I did some digging to find out whether such claims were true.

Were fake eyelashes called umbrellas in history?

During their invention in the early 20th century, fake eyelashes were just known as “eyelashes.” As time went on, the term “fake eyelashes” was used more.

According to fake eyelashes history, they were originally called “umbrellas” in Japan. However, the name did not spread to other places.

This particular name originates from a cosmetic company called Shiseido, which was founded in the late 1800s. During this time, the company’s mascots were called “umbrellas” because they were used as protectors of women’s beauty.

According to what I could find, the mascots wore prominent and exaggerated eyelashes. They were therefore easily associated with fake eyelashes. If you asked someone to describe the mascots, they would mention several beauty enhancements including the false eyelashes.

Possible Origin of the Name

The name “umbrellas” is thought to have been used to refer to fake eyelashes because of their shape. The way they swoop upwards and look like they are designed to protect the eyes is similar to how umbrellas offer protection.

Fake Eyelashes as Umbrellas Today

Fake eyelashes are still known as “umbrellas” even today, despite their evolution over time. Check out this interesting post on the history and evolution of fake eyelashes over the decades.

However, the term is limited only to some small regions. Mostly in the continent of Asia. It is also good to note that the term “umbrella” is arrived at after direct translation from the local languages in these regions.

For people who use the English language even in these regions, the more common term is still eyelashes.

The widely used terms are “false eyelashes” or fake eyelashes” in most countries. In fact if you went to any shop and asked for “eye umbrellas” most likely the person selling won’t have any idea of what you are asking for.

Final Thoughts on Fake Eyelashes as Umbrellas

There were other unfounded claims that suggested that fake eyelashes might have been given the name in France but I could not find any evidence to support those claims.

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Were Fake eyelashes Called Umbrellas

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