Is Almay cruelty-free

If you are wondering is Almay cruelty-free you are not the only one, so are many other people. An increasing number of consumers want to know whether their favorite skincare brand tests on animals. While there are people who don’t care, many are concerned about how the products they are using on their skin and hair are created. Today, there is an increased interest in vegan and cruelty-free makeup and skincare products.

Is Almay Cruelty-Free?

Almay is not cruelty-free. Almay is a brand with a wide range of well-known products that are available for sale in different parts of the world. It’s is a popular cosmetic brand, however, it’s not cruelty-free.


Almay is one of the brands owned by Revlon. The brand has chosen to follow testing policies that include animal testing similar to its parent company Revlon. The Company claims that they don’t conduct any testing on animals both pre-production as well as during production. However, the company consents to test when required by law. 

The brand states that as a global company they aim to provide their products to their customers where ever they are located. However, some nations still require animal testing. Almay, therefore, has to abide by the laws to prove that their products and the ingredients used in them are safe for humans.

Is Almay sold in China?

Yes, Almay is sold in China. The brand is not cruelty-free and conducts animal testing or pays for animal testing a requirement for the products to be sold in Mainland China. The nation still requires post-market production animal testing by law.

Almay just like the parent company Revlon has been submitting and paying for their products to be tested on animals so as to be allowed to sell in Mainland China. According to the brand’s website, the company agrees to the testing so as to abide by the mandatory registration requirements.

Some brands such as BECCA choose not to submit their products for animal testing regardless of what the parent companies are doing. Consequently, their products are not available for sale in these countries.

Is Almay Vegan?

Almay is not vegan. Some of the products produced by the brand contain ingredients that are derived from animals as well as animal by-products. Such as carmine.

The brand’s specialty since the organization began in 1931 has been producing products that are suitable for people with sensitive skin.

The company is heavily committed to developing hypoallergenic products that will cause no irritation to your cheeks, eyes, face, and lips.

If you are interested in finding vegan products from Almay, it’s advisable to check the ingredients on each product before making a purchase.

Almay Cruelty-Free

Many people have a difficult time finding out if a brand is cruelty-free or not because of the language used on the product label as well as the website. Sometimes brands use words such as “not tested on animals” or cruelty-free”.  

However, even though they don’t conduct any animal testing on their own some brands pay third parties to do it for them. While others use ingredients from suppliers who conduct tests on animals.

The most common type of animal cruelty happens after development because many of the brands agree to post-production-testing. The brands agree because they want to access large markets such as Mainland China.

The brand Almay tests on animals and is therefore not PETA certified. Now you have the answer to is Almay cruelty-free?

Is Almay Leaping Bunny Certified?

Almay does not have Leaping Bunny certification.

One of the ways of knowing whether a company is truly cruelty-free is checking the PETA list for the cruelty-free brands. Sometimes, companies that are cruelty-free certified have the logo on their websites as well as on some of their products.

However, I would like to point out that not all brands that are cruelty-free seek certification by either PETA or Leaping Bunny. Furthermore, even those that are already certified don’t include the bunny label on all their products.

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