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If you are wondering is TATCHA cruelty-free many other people are too. There are so many cosmetic brands selling skincare and makeup products that it can be hard to keep up. Furthermore, different brands even those under the same parent company adhere to different policies when it comes to animal testing policies and cruelty-free certification.

Is TATCHA Cruelty-Free?

TATCHA is cruelty-free. TATCHA develops and sells many types of products in different countries. The reach for the brand has expanded especially after the company was acquired by Unilever. Here are a few indicators and information that helps to show the company is cruelty-free and doesn’t conduct animal testing.

TATCHAYESSome Products

Is TATCHA PETA Certified?

TATCHA is PETA certified. The brand received PETA certification before it was acquired by Unilever. Companies that are cruelty-free receive certification from PETA. The organization does research in different industries including clothing trade, food, skincare, and entertainment and exposes animal cruelty.

TATCHA Cruelty-Free  

According to TATCHA, the company doesn’t test any of their products or ingredients on animals. The company has been focused on producing products that are both safe to the skin and kind to furry friends.

The brand uses third-parties for tests that are conducted on human subjects. Therefore, the brand develops products using non-animal approaches.

Is TATCHA Sold in China?

TATCHA is not sold in mainland China. Mainland China requires companies to submit their products as well as pay labs that conduct animal testing. Any company that wants to sell in any physical stores in China has to abide by the laws.

TATCHA products are available in Hong Kong but not in Mainland China. Some of the stores that stock the collection include Joyce Beauty, Sephora, and Barneys New York.

TATCHA doesn’t agree with any post-production animal testing. The brand has a cruelty-free pledge on their website. Hong Kong doesn’t require such testing.

Unilever and TATCHA.

Unilever is the parent company of TATCHA. Unilever is a large company that has many companies under it. The majority of businesses are able to operate on their own and have unique policies.

Although Unilever has many companies under its umbrella, not many of them are cruelty-free. This is one of the reasons why many people are concerned that TATCHA might stop being cruelty-free now is that it’s under Unilever.

Unilever claims that they encourage all their companies to stop testing their products on animals and that they are committed to ending animal testing.

However, they also state that some of the organizations use ingredients that have been tested on animals in order to comply with the legal and regulatory requirements in some markets. One search market is Mainland China which requires products to be tested on animals as part of their regulations.

Unilever also notes that under their umbrella they have brands that are committed to remaining cruelty-free. These brands develop ingredients and products that are safe and don’t require animal testing.

Is TATCHA Vegan?

TATCHA is not a 100% vegan brand. The organization clearly indicates that a majority of their products that are currently being sold are not vegan. The products contain animal products and animal-derived products including silk derivatives, royal jelly, beeswax, carmine, honey, and pearl.

The company also notes that they have created a number of vegan products including some lip balms, creams, oils, and lipsticks. If you are interested in vegan products from TATCHA, it’s advisable to check the labels before purchasing.    

Is TATCHA Leaping Bunny Certified?

No, TATCHA is not Leaping Bunny certified. It is important to note that not all cruelty-free companies seek Leaping Bunny certification.

In conclusion, Yes is the answer to the question is TATCHA cruelty-free? TATCHA was cruelty-free before they were acquired by their current parent company Unilever. Even after being acquired, TATCHA was allowed to retain and operate under its cruelty-free status.

Another brand owned by Unilever that has retained its cruelty-free status even after it was acquired is Simple.

Where to Buy TATCHA Products?

TATCHA products are available in most of the popular makeup and skincare product outlets. Check out the latest prices on different TATCHA products here on Amazon.

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