17 purse essentials for women and men

These are the necessary purse essentials for women and men that are helpful to have. Carrying a well-equipped purse is an indispensable aspect of a woman’s or a man’s daily routine.

Purse Essentials for Women and Men

Whether heading to work, running errands, or enjoying a night out, having essential items in your purse ensures you are prepared for any situation.

In this post, I aim to provide a detailed guide on 17 purse essentials for individuals, emphasizing the importance of functionality and organization.

Wallet and Identification

A functional and organized wallet is a crucial component of every woman’s purse. It not only holds monetary essentials but also serves as a secure space for identification cards, driver’s license, and emergency contacts.

An efficient wallet streamlines daily transactions and ensures quick access to vital information when needed.

You can shop around until you find a wallet that suits your style and still remains functional.


Keys, often overlooked, are vital for accessing homes, cars, and offices. To avoid misplacement, consider investing in a key organizer or designated key holder.

This ensures that your keys are easily accessible while preventing the frustration of fumbling through your purse.

I know you must have been there, where you are certain your keys are in the purse but you have a hard time locating where they are exactly.

Mobile Phone

In today’s digital age, a mobile phone is a ubiquitous necessity. Keep your smartphone easily accessible in your purse, protected by a durable case.

Consider utilizing designated pockets or compartments to prevent scratches and ensure quick retrieval when needed.

If you keep your phone together with your keys, it is only a matter of time before it gets scratched.

Lip Balm and Lipstick

Maintaining lip health is crucial, especially in varying weather conditions. Include a quality lip balm in your purse to prevent chapping.

Additionally, a versatile lipstick can provide a quick and effortless touch-up, enhancing your appearance on the go.

Tissues or Handkerchief

Tissues or a handkerchief prove invaluable in various situations, from unexpected spills to offering assistance to others.

Fold or store them efficiently in your purse for easy access. Opt for travel-sized tissue packs to save space.

Tissues come in handy, especially for people who sweat a lot as well as those who wear make-up and need to pat their faces.

Compact Mirror

On-the-go grooming is made easier with a compact mirror. Choose a stylish and portable option for quick checks and touch-ups.

A well-designed compact mirror not only serves a functional purpose but also adds a touch of elegance to your purse.

Hand Sanitizer

Maintaining hand hygiene, especially in public spaces, is essential. You might find yourself touching things that you doubt their cleanliness such as door handles, lift buttons, and stairs or escalator railings.

Carry a portable hand sanitizer to ensure cleanliness on the go. Opt for travel-sized bottles with secure caps to prevent leakage.

Feminine Hygiene Products

Sensitivity to women’s health needs is crucial. Keep feminine hygiene products discreetly stored in your purse, using compact packaging options.

Always ensure you have a pad or tampon and a panty liner. This ensures preparedness for unexpected situations and contributes to overall well-being.

Pain Relievers

Be prepared for unforeseen discomfort by including pain relievers in your purse. Choose compact packaging options to save space while addressing potential headaches or pain while away from home.

You don’t have to carry the whole pack, just one or two tablets are adequate and will come in handy during emergencies.


Maintain energy levels with a quick snack in your purse. Opt for non-perishable and compact options to satisfy hunger during busy days or unexpected delays.

This ensures you stay fueled and focused throughout your daily activities. Sometimes you are in a rush and have not had time to get something to eat, the snack comes in handy.

Gum or Tictac

I like to have gum or Tictac in my purse for fresh breath. These come in handy when you need to freshen your breath quickly.

Favorite Perfume or Fragrance

Add a personal touch to your everyday experiences by including your favorite perfume or fragrance.

A small, travel-sized bottle can refresh your senses throughout the day, leaving a lasting impression.

Pen and Notepad

Jotting down notes or information becomes seamless with a pen and notepad in your purse.

Choose compact and stylish options that reflect your personality, ensuring you’re always prepared to capture important thoughts or details.


Protect your eyes from sunlight and harmful UV rays with a stylish pair of sunglasses.

Consider your personal style when choosing sunglasses, and opt for a compact case to prevent scratches while stored in your purse.

Hair Ties or Clips

Maintain your hairstyle on the go by carrying hair ties or clips in your purse. Choose options that are compact and easily stored, ensuring you’re prepared for unexpected wind or changes in weather.


Consider adding a travel-sized lotion in your purse. This comes in handy when you need to moisturize your hands.

You might find that your hands become dry after washing them after visiting the washroom. Hence the need for moisturizing your hands.

Compact Umbrella

Be ready for unexpected weather changes with a compact and lightweight umbrella in your purse.

Choose an umbrella that easily folds down to save space, providing protection from rain or harsh sunlight.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, a well-organized purse with carefully chosen essentials enhances convenience and preparedness for every woman and man.

The 17 purse essentials for women and men outlined in this post cater to various aspects of daily life, ensuring you navigate each day with confidence and ease.

Personalize your purse essentials based on your individual needs. Follow me on @beautythings Pinterest for more awesome posts.

purse essentials for women and men

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