Why I Stopped Eyelash Extensions

A friend asked me why I stopped eyelash extensions recently and I thought of sharing them here with my readers. Eyelash extensions are a popular way to add length, thickness, and volume to your lashes. They also help create the illusion of longer and fuller lashes, making your eyes look brighter and more awake.

Why I Stopped Eyelash Extensions?

Even though I enjoyed several advantages of having eyelash extensions, I still decided to stop getting them done. While extensions are a great way to enhance my appearance, they also came with many disadvantages. Here are the main reasons why I stopped getting eyelash extensions.

They Are Costly

The cost of eyelash extensions is one of the most common disadvantages of this popular procedure. Lash extensions can cost anywhere between $60 and $250 per pair, making them a costly procedure.

This is made worse if the quality of lashes that you get is not up to par. If you don’t get the quality, you expected and you have to get the lashes redone sooner. Don’t forget the cost of re-fills every month that will cost you about $60.

They Take Up Time

Keeping up with the appointments is a chore in and of itself. The average eyelash extension appointment can be expected to last about two hours. Although the fill-in appointments are shorter, they still last about 45 minutes.

You will be expected to have the lash re-fill appointments after every 30 days. These appointments can be sooner if your lashes grow out faster. Some people have to go for refills every two weeks because their lash growth cycle is shorter.


Eyelash extensions can be uncomfortable especially if you are a novice. You might have seen your favorite celebrity with dramatic eyelash extensions and thought, you should get them too.

However, things might not go as smoothly as you had hoped because of the discomfort. You will require some time to settle into them and your eyes to get used to having them on all the time.

The discomfort is made worse if the quality of the lash extensions is not good. If for example, they are heavy and not lightweight, they will cause discomfort.

Eye Irritations

You have to wear eyelash extensions all the time. These are not like false eyelashes that you remove at the end of the day as you remove your other makeup.

Although the majority of people don’t experience significant eye irritations, some individuals experience them.

The problem is made worse if you have overly sensitive eyes. Some people experience, dry eyes, watery eyes, as well as increased irritation.

Negative Effects on Natural Eyelashes

Although eyelash extensions can take your makeup game to the next level, you might be dealing with negative effects for months to come.

Eyelash extensions can cause significant damage to your natural lashes. The damage can be quite severe, especially for people who get eyelash extensions regularly.

This was one of the primary reasons why I stopped eyelash extensions. My natural eyelashes are average in length and thickness. I had opted to get eyelash extensions to make them fuller and longer.

Although I got the look that I wanted in the short term, I could not risk having to deal with lash fallout.

One of the recommendations to reduce the risk of damaging your natural lashes is to always get lash extensions done by professionals.

Although this is great information, the truth is that the procedure still involves attaching false lashes made with different materials to your real lashes. Check out this post on what fake eyelash extensions are made of.

No matter how carefully the process is done, you might still end up with some unwanted effects. The products used can interfere with the natural lash growth process.

When lash extensions form clusters and clumps from buildup or improper installation, they can cause fallout.

They Require Special Care

When you have natural lashes, you don’t have to be concerned with washing them carefully. You can get them clean using the same products you are using to clean your face.

However, when you have eyelash extensions, you have to pay special attention to the area.

You also have to use a brush to clean them and make sure you remove any buildup, oils, and dirt. Check out this post on how to clean eyelash extensions at home like a pro.

Difficulty Finding A Professional

It can sometimes be difficult to find someone offering professional services near you. Initially, it can be hard to identify a good artist who will do your lashes properly with the proper care. You might have to go off based on reviews. You can also get referrals from friends and family that you see with the kind of lash extensions you love.

In other instances, you might find it hard to get an appointment with the artist you like. If they are unavailable for whatever reason, then you have to go look for another one.

Also if you travel or relocate from your usual place of residence, you have to get a new person to do your lashes.

Risk Of Infections

Although the risk is low, you can get infections from eyelash extensions. The risk increases if the hygiene and safety procedures of your technician are in question.

Eyelash extensions are installed very close to the eyes. You should only have a qualified person do them to avoid unwanted complications.

Final Thoughts Why Not To Get Eyelash Extensions

If you love makeup and experimenting with different looks. You must have considered getting some eyelash extensions. They make putting on makeup so much easier.

However, you have to weigh the pros and cons of eyelash extensions and decide what is best for you and your natural lashes.

Now you know why I stopped eyelash extensions and why I might not go back to them in the future. Don’t forget to follow me on Primeskincare Pinterest for more beauty and makeup tips and tricks.

Why I Stopped Getting Eyelash Extensions

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