Permanent makeup problems

More and more people are encountering permanent makeup problems. Although the popularity of the practice has increased over time, it’s good to consider some of the cons before getting the procedure done. Today you can get several procedures done to enhance your beauty including permanent makeup lips, permanent makeup eyeliner, eyebrows as well as a lipliner.

There are many benefits to getting permanent makeup. You will look good with minimal effort or skill. Furthermore, the time needed to get ready is reduced significantly. You also don’t have to worry about makeup coming off during the day.

Many people including those working in the industry focus mostly on the many benefits. However, I think it’s important to look at some permanent makeup problems that people should consider before getting the procedures.

Regrets Afterwards

More than half the people who get a tattoo later regret it. If your regrets are overwhelming enough for you to remove permanent makeup, it is costly, time-consuming and difficult to have it removed. Removal choices include dermabrasion, excision, laser, Sal abrasion, or doing a cosmetic over-tattoo. But most consider laser as the best procedure for removal. You may have permanent scars or discoloration after attempted removal.

Potential Complications

Generally, you may have to deal with one or more of the following complications if you opt for the application of permanent makeup: allergic reactions to the ink, infection, keloid scarring, and the development of growths such as granulomas. These nodules can pop up where the body perceives foreign material.

Here are a few concerns specific to certain procedures.

Permanent Makeup Lips:

Lip tattoo clients commonly experience fever blisters as a side effect. Therefore, some specialists recommend that anyone who has ever had a fever blister or cold sore take an antiviral medication prior to a procedure. In addition, she states, you risk a secondary infection unless you use brand new mascara, foundation and lipstick following a procedure. These have the potential of introducing bacteria. Patients who are normally candidates to take antibiotics before a dental procedure should also take antibiotics before any permanent makeup procedure.

Permanent Eyeliner:

It is normal to expect swelling and tenderness for a few days following a procedure for permanent eyeliner. You are at greater risk for conjunctivitis during this time. As a result, you should wear no makeup for 72 hours after a procedure. Use only brand new mascara after the 72-hour period. Some specialists also recommend you avoid hot tubs, pools, sun, and all creams around the eye area following a procedure to reduce the possibility of complications.

Permanent Makeup Cost:

On average, having your eyebrows, eyeliner or lip liner done permanently will cost upwards of $400 per procedure. Having your initial procedure corrected or removed would cost extra. For complete lip color, averages run upwards of $600 per procedure.

For most people, the cost is not worth it because you can buy a lot of makeup for the cost of just one of these permanent makeup procedures. If you love makeup you will find these funny makeup quotes entertaining.

Permanent Makeup Fail:

There are many qualified people who carry out the procedures with high levels of success. However, there are still many people who get permanent makeup fails. Just like with other procedures correcting any mistakes is costly and can even result in permanent damage.

To avoid any permanent makeup problems, it’s advisable to get the procedures done by qualified personnel.

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