Is Pat McGrath Labs Cruelty Free and Vegan

Find out is Pat McGrath Labs cruelty-free and is Pat McGrath Labs vegan or gluten-free, paraben-free and sulfate-free. The cosmetics companies have different types of animal testing policies. Many of the brands have been shifting towards ethical sourcing, manufacturing, and testing of makeup as well as skincare products. A lot of the brands also avoid selling in countries where animal testing is required by law.

Is Pat McGrath Labs Cruelty-Free?

Pat McGrath Labs is cruelty-free. Pat McGrath Labs doesn’t conduct any animal testing at any level during production and marketing. The cosmetics company develops and markets a range of popular makeup products including lip gloss, lipstick, foundations, primers, mascara, highlighter, and powder. The brand’s wide range of products is a favorite of many people with different skin types all across the world. It’s is a popular brand, that is also cruelty-free.


Pat McGrath Labs is one of the brands that is owned by Eurazeo. The well-known brand changed its policies and doesn’t conduct testing on animals both pre-production as well as during production for product development purposes. It also doesn’t conduct post-production testing.

The brand states that as an international company that sells worldwide it aims to supply its products to its customers through authorized retailers as well as through the official website. However, different nations have different testing requirements.

Is Pat McGrath Labs Sold in China?

No, Pat McGrath Labs is not sold in China. Pat McGrath Labs is cruelty-free because it does not agree to or pay for animal testing a requirement for the hair products to be sold in physical stores in Mainland China. The Asian country still requires all cosmetic brands sold in physical stores in the nation to pay and participate in post-production animal test activities.

Pat McGrath Labs, unlike many other cosmetic brands, has opted to stay out of the Chinese market. The brand has not been submitting and paying for their items to be tested on animals and is therefore not allowed to sell in Mainland China. Many other companies agree to the testing to abide by the mandatory registration requirements set by Chinese regulators.

It’s important to note that before 2019, Pat McGrath agreed to animal testing where required by law. However, the brand changed its policies and now no longer sells in countries that require animal testing. This is the reason why the brand appears as not cruelty-free or in the grey-area in some online lists.

Where is Pat McGrath Labs Made?

The brand Pat McGrath Labs manufactures its products in the U.K. Pat McGrath Labs products are not made in China. The products are made in the U.K. before they are shipped to different parts of the world.

Is Pat McGrath Labs 100% Vegan?

Pat McGrath Labs is not vegan. The brand doesn’t claim that any of its products are vegan. The brand also indicates that it does use different animal-derived ingredients and by-products when making most of its products which makes them non-vegan.

If you’re looking for vegan makeup you are probably better off looking at a different brand such as Milk Makeup.

Is Pat McGrath Labs Organic or Natural?

Pat McGrath Labs doesn’t suggest that any of its products are organic. The company doesn’t make any firm indication that all its products are made with organic or natural ingredients.

The brand only indicates that it’s trying to make positive changes.  

Is Pat McGrath Labs Paraben-Free?

Pat McGrath Labs has some paraben-free products. The cosmetic industry has been dealing with controversy when addressing the use of some of the compounds such as parabens.

There is a group that feels the compounds are harmful and should not be included in cosmetics. The second group feels that the compounds have been approved by the FDA and other organizations and are therefore okay.

So, if you’re wondering is Pat McGrath Labs paraben-free? Pat McGrath Labs develops products that are paraben-free as well as products that are not. It’s advisable to check the product labels for the list of ingredients.

Is Pat McGrath Labs Gluten-Free?

No, Pat McGrath Labs products are not gluten-free. The brand doesn’t indicate that any of its products are made without rye, wheat or barley. If you have a gluten allergy, this might not be a brand for you.  

Is Pat McGrath Labs Non-comedogenic?

No, none of the products from Pat McGrath Labs are labeled as non-comedogenic or hypoallergenic.

The brand also provides no guarantee that any of the products are produced in an allergen-free environment.

Is Pat McGrath Labs PETA Approved?

Pat McGrath Labs are not PETA approved. Although the popular brand Pat McGrath Labs doesn’t agree with animal testing it is not PETA certified. Now you have the answer to is Pat McGrath Labs cruelty-free?

It can sometimes be challenging to know for sure whether brands are cruelty- free or not. The confusion is confounded further when it comes to brands that are themselves cruelty-free but owned by brands that are not cruelty-free.

The words most of the brands use on the website are also deceptive and aimed at confusing the public. Sometimes brands use words such as “not tested on animals”. Most of the brands also claim that they don’t support animal testing which is a rather vague claim.

However, it’s important to note that even though they don’t conduct any animal testing in their private laboratories, some brands pay third parties to do it for them. It is also not unheard of for brands to use ingredients from suppliers who conduct tests on animals.

Pat McGrath Labs Cruelty-Free

Pat McGrath Labs have not been certified by Leaping Bunny although its cruelty-free. The most common type of animal cruelty reported by far in the cosmetics industry takes place after the final products are manufactured. Many of the cosmetics brands conform to post-production-testing requirements.

The brands agree because they want to access large markets such as Mainland China. The choice made by each of the brands is company-specific depending on the convictions of the owners.

One of the ways of eliminating any doubts related to whether a company is cruelty-free is checking the Leaping Bunny website or PETA website for the list of brands that have been approved as cruelty-free. Sometimes, organizations that are cruelty-free approved have the bunny logo on their websites, especially under the FAQ. Some even include the bunny on product labels. 

Pat McGrath Labs develops high-end makeup products and has been in the business for several years. The brand also manufactures its products in the U.K. where the drive for ending animal cruelty has been growing gradually. That doesn’t automatically mean that the brand or its products are cruelty-free.

It is also good to note that not all brands seek certification from different bodies. Different brands have different ways of approaching certification. Pat McGrath Labs have chosen not to seek cruelty-free certification. Other examples of brands that don’t have certification include Simple and Juvia’s Place.

Where is Pat McGrath Labs Sold?

Pat McGrath Labs products are available on the company’s website which ships both locally and internationally. The brand products are also available in many cosmetic product retailers including Ulta, Sephora, and CVS.

The brand has expanded and is sold to different parts of the world both online and in physical stores. In the locations that the brand sells, there are no requirements that include animal testing. The choice has made the brand to be classified as cruelty-free.

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