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More and more customers are wondering is Origins cruelty-free? The world is now more than ever before more conscious about the development and testing of skincare and beauty products. A significant portion of the consumers is seeking cruelty-free and vegan skincare products. As many are pushing for “beauty without the bunnies.”

Is Origins Cruelty-Free?

Origins is not cruelty-free. Origins have many types of products that are available for sale in different countries. It’s is a world-wide cosmetics brand producing and selling many skincare and makeup products, however, it’s not cruelty-free.

Brand Cruelty-FreeVegan

Origins has chosen to follow the testing policies of its parent company Estee Lauder. Origins is one of the many brands under the Estee Lauder portfolio. It is well known that Estee Lauder is not cruelty-free.

The multinational brand states that a cosmetics company doesn’t believe in using animals in its laboratory research. The company has developed and uses other alternatives to assess the efficacy and safety of Origins products and ingredients.

However, the brand also states that using animals during the post-production product testing process is sometimes required by law in some countries where they sell. 

Is Origins Sold in China?

Origins is sold in China. The beauty brand also conducts animal testing which is a requirement for cosmetic products to be allowed to sell in Mainland China. The Chinese regulators still require animal-testing in post-production as part of their regulatory safety process. Origins has been submitting and paying to have their products tested on animals to be allowed to supply their products to China.

Origins Cruelty-Free

Origins follow the animal testing policies of the parent company Estee Lauder. The company states that they believe in the power of nature as well as in the proof of science. The brand believes that it’s unnecessary to conduct safety tests on animals.

Origins conduct most of their tests using volunteers. It’s the company’s primary way of ensuring that the products are safe for their customers.

However, the brand also submits its products for different tests when they are required as a way of responding to societal expectations. The tests are conducted when government agencies in certain countries such as China demand them.

Is Origins Vegan?

Origins is not a brand that is 100% vegan. Some of the ingredients used to make a wide range of Origins cosmetics and skincare products are sourced from animals as well as from animal by-products. An example is the use of beeswax and honey.

However, Origins has some vegan products that are available for sale. The best way to find out if the products are vegan is to check the label for each product for the listed ingredients.

Is Origins Organic?

Origins is not a brand that is 100% organic. Origins produced a line known as “Origins Organics” which is 100% organic. The line received USDA certification as a personal care organic line.

It’s important to note that the brand produces many other products that are not organic.

Leaping Bunny or PETA Certified

Origins is not Leaping Bunny or PETA certified.

Now you have the answer to is Origins cruelty-free? You might have some difficulties making sense of the claims made by cosmetic brands. Many people struggle because a lot of the language used includes words such as “We don’t test on animals”. The information is not straight forward and can be confusing.

One sure way of confirming a brand’s animal-testing status is checking the firm’s website for the Leaping Bunny or PETA Bunny logo. Companies that are Leaping Bunny certified have been confirmed as cruelty-free.

I also want to point out that some brands that are cruelty-free choose not to seek certification from Leaping Bunny. Furthermore, a significant portion of those that are already certified also chooses to exclude the bunny logo on their products.


There are many brands that don’t test their products on animals both pre and during production. However, they submit the finished products for animal testing post-production. The submission and payment make the brands not cruelty-free. Kiehl’s is also a another brand with similar animal-testing policies.

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