Is Equate Cruelty-free

Is Equate cruelty-free or is Equate vegan? Equate is a popular brand that most people have encountered at one time or another. More and more people are concerned about the animal testing policies of different brands, especially in the cosmetics industry.

Is Equate Cruelty-Free?

Equate is not cruelty-free. Equate is a brand that sells many beauty and health products. The wide range of products includes skincare products such as conditioners, lotions, and soap. The company also produces over-the-counter medication including allergy medicine. it also produces and sells different types of vitamins, as well as supplements such as weight-loss-shakes.

The Equate also produces smoking quitting products such as nicotine patches, lozenges, and nicotine gum. Other products produced by Equate include antiseptic mouthwash, denture care as well as feminine hygiene products.  


Who Owns Equate?

Equate is a private label brand of Walmart. Walmart acquired Equate as part of its private brand development that also owns brands such as Sam’s Choice, Great Value, and Adventure Force. The aim is to provide the public with the needed self-care, pharmaceutical, and other products at only a fraction of the prices set by market alternatives.

The low prices make the products popular in different markets which is not a delight to the competitors who perceive the products as generics.

To achieve and maintain the rock bottom prices that Walmart is known for, the company continuously seeks low production costs. The company also adopts efficient in-house manufacturing, simpler packaging as well as condensed marketing needs.

Walmart is not cruelty-free. In fact, most of the private brands under Walmart are not cruelty-free.

However, Walmart as a worldwide retailer carries a wide selection of cruelty-free skincare brands as well as non-cruelty-free brands such as Neutrogena.

Is Equate Vegan?

Equate is not vegan. Since the brand is not cruelty free it cannot be considered vegan. Although some of the brands products are made without the use of animal ingredients, it is still not considered vegan.

Does Equate Test on Animals?

Equate is not PETA certified. PETA stands for People for Ethical Treatment of Animals. The organization exposes companies that are involved in animal cruelty in different industries including skincare, clothing, entertainment, and food.

In the past, Walmart has been under fire for its animal practices. The petitioning and protesting have led the retail giant to make some improvements to their animal welfare policies.

Is Equate Leaping Bunny Certified?

Equate is not Leaping Bunny Certified. Companies that have received the Leaping Bunny certification have proven that they don’t conduct any pre or post-production testing on animals. The companies also don’t animal ingredients when manufacturing their products.

In conclusion, the answer to the question is Equate cruelty-free is NO. The brand is owned by Walmart and operates under the same animal testing policies as the parent company.

Equate makes quality products that have a toned-down presentation. Based on the many and loyal customers, the products not only work well but also save the buyers a considerable amount of money. The products equate to the name-brands they get their inspirations from but can sometimes offer less substance and definitely less style.  

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