Can I Shave After Using Nair

Can I shave after using Nair? This is one of the questions I had after I used the depilatory cream but still had spots of hair left in the area. It is a disappointing experience since the hair removal cream promises to get rid of all hair.

Can I Shave After Using Nair?

No, you should not shave immediately after using Nair.  To understand how long you should wait before shaving we need to understand how the depilatory cream works.

How Nair Hair Removal Cream Works

Nair lotion is a hair removal product that is used to remove body hair. It is a depilatory cream which means it breaks down the protein in the hair so that it can be removed from the skin.

Nair was created by Dr. Hamilton in 1958, who was a dermatologist and chemist. He invented Nair as an alternative to shaving or waxing and wanted to provide women with an easy way of removing unwanted body hair.

There are different types of Nair lotions. Make sure to choose the type that is manufactured to suit your needs. In general, hair removal creams have different strengths depending on the area they are intended for use. This is because the hair thickness varies.

All Nair products should be applied to the skin in order for them to work best. They need about 8-10 minutes for them to work on most people’s hair.

Nair is a revolutionary hair removal lotion that takes just minutes to remove unwanted hair. The fact that it acts quickly and is also inexpensive and painless makes it a great option for many men and women.  

Risks Of Shaving After Using Nair?

One of the risks of shaving after using Nair is skin irritation. Nair has chemicals that remove the hair by dissolving the strands of hair on the skin.

It is not uncommon for the chemicals to affect the skin in various degrees depending on the individual.

It is recommended to wait for 72 hours after using Nair to shave the same area. This precaution will help you avoid redness and irritation.

This is the same reason why Nair users are advised not to use any antiperspirants or products with fragrances immediately after hair removal. They should wait for about 24 hours to avoid irritation and redness.

After Nair use, the skin becomes sensitive because of the chemicals in the cream. This is why the manufacturers recommend not to engage in tanning, swimming, as well as sunbathing for 24 hours.

Basically, the skin should be left alone after being subjected to Nair. Avoid tight clothing or scratching the area as well.

Avoid The Need to Shave After Using Nair

The best way to avoid the need to shave after using Nair or reapplying the hair removal cream a second time is to apply it properly the first time.

I personally struggle using the little spatula provided in the hair removal cream. I prefer using my fingers which I was properly immediately after applying the cream.

I make sure I apply a thick layer to the hair I want to get rid of. I find that with the fingers I am able to apply an even layer over the area.

Having an uneven application is what causes the hair to come off in patches. This will result in spots of hair that might require to be shaved off after using Nair.

Final Thoughts

I have used hair removal creams for a while now and I will say that it becomes easier with experience. The smell also becomes more bearable as well as the final results.

It is a quick way to get some smooth skin if you don’t want to shave, wax, get a laser treatment, or use natural hair removal.

I hope this post on can I shave after using Nair was helpful. Please share it and also follow me on Pinterest for more posts on hair and skincare tips.

Can I Shave After Using hair removal lotion

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