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If you are a current or potential customer you might be wondering is w7 cruelty-free? or is w7 vegan? There are so many skincare brands that it can be difficult for each one of us to keep track of which ones are and which ones are not.

Furthermore, most skincare brands are owned by multinationals but operate under different policies when it comes to animal testing.

Is w7 Cruelty-Free?

w7 is cruelty-free. Here are a few indicators and information that helps us know that the company is cruelty-free and doesn’t and has never conduct animal testing.

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W7’s Animal Testing Policy.

According to the brand’s website, they have never and don’t test any of their ingredients and products on animals. Since the company was created in 2002, the aim has been developing products that are both safe and kind to animals.

Therefore, since its inception, the brand develops all its products using non-animal approaches. They also don’t commission third parties for animal testing on their ingredients or products.

W7’s Cruelty Free Operations

Another indicator that shows w7 is cruelty-free is that the brand originated in the United Kingdom where animal testing was completely banned in 2013.

W7 as a brand in the skincare industry is also involved in the advocacy for a worldwide ban on cosmetic animal testing. The EU ban has been effective and the aim is to have the same or similar ban implemented globally.

Does w7 Sell in China?

W7 doesn’t sell to China. Cosmetics companies are required to perfume or submit their products for animal testing before they are allowed to access the market in some nations such as China. The testing is done to comply with the regulatory and legal requirements in the market.

Some brands are able to sell in China without conducting or commissioning any testing in China. The companies are able to do this by selling through online platforms such as Tmall Global.

Selling through these platforms eliminates the need for selling in physical stores. Consequently, the companies do not violate any laws or regulations on testing and the customers can access the products.

The alternative is to avoid the market entirely which is what w7 has done. The brand has chosen not to sell its products to China because of the existing laws.

Is w7 Vegan?

W7 has a vegan range called “Very Vegan”. The range was introduced in 2017 and is a vegan-friendly range targeting people who have adopted a vegan lifestyle.

The “Very Vegan” range doesn’t contain any animal-derived ingredients. Furthermore, the products and the ingredients are not tested on animals.

The rest of the products that are not under this range contain animal-derived ingredients. The ingredients may include lanolin, carmine, silk powder, and beeswax.

Is W7 PETA Certified?

W7 is not PETA certified. PETA is one of the organizations that has been at the forefront of fighting animal testing. The organization works with brands in various industries including clothing trade, skincare, food, and entertainment to bring an end to animal cruelty.

It is important to note that some of the companies that are cruelty-free don’t seek PETA certification. W7 is one such company.

Is W7 Leaping Bunny Certified?

W7 is not Leaping Bunny certified. It is important to note that not all cruelty-free brands are Leaping Bunny certified. Another example of a company that is cruelty-free but not certified is No 7.

In conclusion, Yes is the answer to the question is w7 cruelty-free? The company has been cruelty-free since its inception. The policies that the owners developed at creation have remained effective.  

Where to buy w7 Products?

You can buy w7 products in makeup and skincare outlets across the nation. Check the latest prices on popular w7 products on Amazon.

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