Cute Yarn Braids Styles

Yarn braids styles are great protective styles that you can try anytime you want to give your hair a break from constant styling and manipulation. Although yarn braids have an artificial texture, it is distinct.

Yarn Braids Styles

If you opt for yarn braids you can choose from the different styles and colors that they come in. Just like most braids, you can not only choose color, but also length, and size.

Plain Black Yarn Braids

Plain black yarn braids are the go-to for most people. This is because they are a safe choice. Some people are hesitant to go for very bright colors that draw all the attention.

However, black is not equal to boring. It is versatile and can be accessorized with beads and colorful strings to add some interest.

Black Yarn Braids Styles

White Colored Yarn Braids

When you decide to get yarn braids, you can go for a bold single color. This can be your favorite color or a color that you think will compliment your complexion.

White Yarn Braids Styles

Orange Colored Yarn Braids

If you love orange you can definitely try this orange yarn braids. These are not for the shy. They will make a statement in every room you enter. If you don’t drawing attention to yourself, this is not the color for you.

Orange Yarn Braids styles

Multicolored Yarn Braids Styles

If you want an adventurers touch you can go for multicolored yard braid styles. there is no limit to what you can try out.

You can mix different shades of the same color. You can also mix different colors for a super bright look.

Faux Yarn Braids Styles

Faux yarn locks are a great way to braid yarn. You can have wrapped tightly or loosely.

You can also choose between thick or slim faux locks. You can also have them colored or black.

Twist Yarn Braids Styles

Protect your hair from daily styling with these cute yarn twist braids. Choose the length and thickness that you like and go for it.

Twist Yarn Braids Styles

Final Thoughts

The versatility of yarn braids is endless. If your are a beginner, you can try something conservative before experimenting with the wild choices.

I love yarn braids because they can be styled differently after installation just like box braids. Follow me on Pinterest for more yarn braids ideas.

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