10 Best Ways To Use Vaseline In Your Beauty Routine

The best ways to use Vaseline in your beauty routine and get the most. I have realized that I have tried many products from different brands over the years but Vaseline has remained constant. So, here are all the ways I use Vaseline in my beauty routines.

Why Vaseline?

Vaseline is a petroleum jelly that is used for its moisturizing properties. It is made from petroleum, coal tar, and other hydrocarbons.

Vaseline was first introduced in 1859 as a product for the treatment of dry skin by Robert Chesebrough. He found that it could also be used to extract oil from the ground and after a while, it became popular as a household product.

Vaseline is mainly used to treat dry skin, but it can also be used to help heal burns and other injuries because it forms a protective layer on the skin which prevents further damage and decreases pain.

Vaseline can also be used as an ingredient in some beauty products like lip balm or lotion because of its moisturizing properties.

Best Ways To Use Vaseline In Your Beauty Routine

You can incorporate Vaseline into your everyday beauty routine to reap all the benefits from this easily accessible and cheap product. Vaseline can be used by itself or in combination with other products.

Vaseline Makes Your Perfume Last Longer 

Sometimes, you have a nice perfume but the scent doesn’t last long after application. To make the scent last longer, you can apply a layer of Vaseline on the area of your skin before applying the perfume.

As a bonus tip to help your perfume last longer, don.t rub the perfume after spraying it. The rubbing motion breaks the perfume molecules down and the scent doesn’t last long.

How To Use Vaseline To Soften Cuticles

Vaseline is a petroleum jelly that has been used for many years to moisturize dry skin. It can also be used on nails and cuticles to soften them and make them look healthier. Vaseline is a cheap and easy way to soften cuticles in both men and women.

  • Apply a layer of petroleum jelly to the cuticle.
  • Allow to sit for about 30 seconds, then remove.
  • Rinse off any excess jelly with water and dry your hands.

How To Use Vaseline To Remove Makeup

Vaseline is a simple and effective way to remove makeup. All you need is a cotton pad, Vaseline, and warm water.

  • Apply the Vaseline all over your face, including around the eye area.
  • Take the cotton pad and gently wipe it across your face in a circular motion.
  • Once you’re done, rinse off your face with lukewarm water and pat dry with a towel.
  • Wash your face with a cleanser and water. This will remove any traces of makeup you may have missed.

How To Use Vaseline To Relieve Itchy Bug Bites

Vaseline can also help soothe a bug bite. This is a simple and effective way to relieve the itching and irritation caused by bug bites. All you need is a cotton pad, Vaseline, and warm water.

Apply the Vaseline over the bug bite and firmly press the pad down on it. Leave it on for 10-20 minutes before washing it off with warm water.

How To Use Vaseline For Smooth Supple Lips

Vaseline is a petroleum jelly that can be used to moisturize your lips. It can be spread onto the lips to help with chapped, dry, and peeling lips. This creates a protective layer that locks in moisture and reduces irritation from environmental factors. 

Both men and women can use Vaseline to treat their lips. Lather a little Vaseline on your lips, gently smoothing it in lengthwise using the pads of your fingers.

For men who are hesitant to use other lip care products that they consider too feminine, Vaseline is a perfect solution.

Use Vaseline To Make Your Lipstick Last Longer

You can also use Vaseline to get better results with your lipstick. This common household product will help you prevent dry and flaky lips.

But did you know that it can also be used as lip balm underneath your lipstick? Apply a dab before applying lipstick to make your lipstick last longer and prevent dry skin around your lips.

Apply Vaseline underneath your lipstick to prevent it from peeling and becoming flaky. This is an awesome beauty hack especially when you can’t afford expensive lipsticks and have to settle for dupes.

How To Use Vaseline For Smooth Feet

Have dry and cracked feet? Vaseline might be the solution for you. Simply rub a generous amount of Vaseline onto your feet and put on fresh socks. The Vaseline will help to moisturize your feet, while the socks will lock in the moisture to keep them soft and supple. With repeated application, the skin will soften completely.

You can also apply the Vaseline together with some vapor rub. This mixture of Vaseline and vapor rub will help you get rid of any dry and rough skin on your feet. After you can easily scrub off the softened dead skin from your feet and reveal the smooth soft skin underneath.

How To Use Vaseline When Coloring Your Hair

Vaseline acts as a protective barrier that safeguards your skin from getting dye stains. Vaseline is effective in creating a layer of protection.

Before you apply the dye, take a generous amount of Vaseline and apply a thick layer to your hairline, ears, and back of the neck.

This is a great way to avoid dealing with unwanted hair dye stains. Preventing the stains is better than trying to remove them after. Check this post on dying hair twice the same day.

How To Use Vaseline As An Under Eye Cream  

Vaseline is a great under-eye cream that is best used at night. The under-eye skin is one of the areas of concern for most people as we age. You can use your Vaseline to lock in moisture and prevent water loss easily.

Personally, I apply a layer of Vaseline on my under eyes after applying my normal moisturizer and have had great results over the years.

So, if you don’t have top-shelf eye creams, just use your Vaseline. You will get good results over time and your under eyes will not be dry and wrinkly.

Vaseline for Eyelashes

You can also use Vaseline to make your eyelashes look lush and full. Some people claim that Vaseline makes their eyelashes grow faster and longer, however, this claim has not been proven.

The moisturizing properties of Vaseline are also beneficial to eyelashes.  Even if they don’t grow faster, they will be moisturized.

Final Thoughts

Vaseline is one of the beauty products that I have used for many years. Although, it’s not as complex as some of the other products available on the market, it’s super versatile.

I know most people tend to overlook such simple products and fail to get all the benefits that they have to offer. Give Vaseline a try and find out how it fits in your beauty routine.

I hope this post on the best ways to use Vaseline in your beauty routine was helpful. Please share it and also follow me on Prime Pinterest for more helpful beauty posts.

10 Best Ways To Use Vaseline In Your Beauty Routines

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