Spiritual Cleansing Bath Guide

Spiritual cleansing bath guide on recipes, water, prayers, and rituals. A spiritual bath can be used to step into your power. Although spiritual baths can be performed at any time, it’s best to do them around the full moon or new moon. 

When done properly, spiritual baths help to leave things in the past and bring in good positive intentions. 

What is a Spiritual Bath?

Spiritual baths are great to clear your aura and general vibe. It is important to remember that this is a ritual and is not a regular bath. 

The biggest difference is your intentions. Furthermore, each herb, flower, and essential oil has properties that serve us on a spiritual energetic level. 

How to Prepare for Spiritual Baths 

Planning and prepping for a spiritual bath is essential. It also helps get you in the right mind frame. 

Try and schedule your bath around the moon cycle. Use the powers of the moon to help increase the effectiveness of your rituals. 

Before starting the bath, clean your whole bathroom. Clean the tub, toilet, sink, floors as well as any other space in the room. 

The next step is to sage the whole bathroom. This helps prepare the space and also increases the effectiveness of the result. 

Take a bath. A spiritual bath is not intended to clean your physical body. It is therefore important that you take a physical shower and get physically clean in readiness for your spiritual bath. 

Wipe the tub one last time and also sage the space one last time. Begin putting your herbs in the bath. 

If you don’t have a tub, you can still do a spiritual cleansing bath and get awesome results. Clean and use three buckets. Each of the buckets will be used to put a different intention.  

You will do the ritual three times by lifting each of the buckets over your head and pouring the water over your head and allowing it to flow.  

Setting Spiritual Bath Intentions 

Setting your intentions and releasing the past is a crucial part of spiritual cleansing baths. For the bath to be effective you must be intentional. You must know what you want to bring in and the things that you want to release. Begin with a meditation to set you in the right frame. 

If you are a complete beginner and don’t know how to meditate, keep it simple and look for simple meditations. 

When taking a spiritual cleansing bath, it is also great if you can include crystals in the process. Some people also meditate with crystals as a way of increasing the effectiveness of the process. 

When you open your eyes from your meditation ask yourself questions on what you want to release.

Answering these questions will help you to identify the things that you want to release so the bath can truly be effective. 

Focus on releasing negative energy, past relationships, fear, hurt, pain, and anything that no longer serves you. 

Also, focus on allowing the divine to guide you and help you step into your true purpose. 

Spiritual Bath Prayer

If you don’t practice meditation and don’t want to include it as part of your ritual, You can make a prayer instead. 

Spiritual Cleansing Bath Process

Begin by lighting your incense such as frankincense. Also, light your candles and place them in different locations in your bathroom. Get your music going to set the mood. 

Different people have different styles and preferences on the herbs to use. This bath set up is one of my favorites but you can adapt it to fit your likes as well as the ingredients you have access to.

Begin the bath by throwing in a bath tea with rose, white sage, and lavender. Use another bath tea that contains rose, chamomile, and hibiscus. 

Pour a little bit of the bath tea in your hand and add it to the bath three times. Do this a total of three times and each time you pour the herbs in also put your intentions in. 

Releasing the old, bringing in the new, love, trust, and connections. Repeat this process with each ingredient you put into the bath. 

Three times each, removing negative energy from anything that no longer serves you. Bringing the love, opening that heart chakra, and healing from our past. 

Next, add a bath bomb with Epsom and lavender. Add Florida water which is also called holy water. Do the same thing putting the water three times and every time adding your intentions. 

Next, add Pink Himalayan salt three times as well as adding your intentions each time. Add lavender oil three times as well and add your intentions each time. 

Crystals For Spiritual Baths

Use your cleansed and charged crystals. Put them outside in the garden to recharge. It is important to note that some crystals should not be put in water because they dissolve. 

Therefore, you can decide to either arrange them around the tub if you don’t know if it is safe to put them in water.

If you have crystals that can be put in water, pick each one individually, and put the energetic property that it carries into the bath so that’s your intention.

Flower Petals For Spiritual Baths

Adding in your rose petals. You can add a total of three roses to the bath. Each time you are pilling the petals of the flower and adding them in the bath remember to add your intentions as well. 

Take the Spiritual Cleansing Bath

After all the ingredients are in the tub, it’s time to take the bath. Once you get in the bath, start by clearing your heart chakra. 

Then begin to pray in a line with your intentions and connecting to your God. Begin to wash your body with the herbs as well as with some of the petals allowing your body to just emerge. 

As you are washing with the herbs and the rose petals and all the crystals continue setting your intentions.

Imagine negative energies being washed off and bringing in positive energies and all your good vibrations. 

Also, wash your face with the bathwater. Use the crystals as well to rub all over your body. Use the crystals to clear your heart and release anything that no longer serves you.

Also, submerge your entire body from head to toe. Protect your ears to prevent water from getting into your ears.

Take a few deep breaths which also help calm and relax your body. Then completely submerge your whole face making sure that all the herbs get all over your body. 

Also, use this time to connect to your crystals and align with their property. Also, use this time to think of the happiest moments of your life. 

Final Thoughts

A spiritual cleansing bath is a great way to move forward and release the past that is not serving you. If you are just beginning, don’t worry too much about getting it perfect. 

As you practice the rituals and the ingredients more, you will get better at it. You will also find out what works best for you. 

I hope this post on spiritual cleansing bath guide was helpful and offered some insight. Please share it and also follow me on Primeskincaresolutions Pinterest. 

Spiritual Cleansing Bath Guide rituals and prayers

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