Skin changes with age

Skin changes with age are inevitable. All of us experience different types of changes as we grow old. Life changes and personal experiences produce various changes which are reflected on our skin. Old age is referred to as “second childhood stage” which means we prone to acquire the tender skin once again in our Human life cycle. Our skin tone gets used to changes as our immune power gets reduced. Skin plays a great role in expressing the aging process.

We can categorize our aging process at 5 levels. Birth stage, Childhood, Adolescence, Adult stage, Old age. The skin tone and texture keep varying according to the aging and the lifestyle. The skin looks and feels sensitive, soft and tender at the birth stage. Childhood stage has a developing skin tone, the adolescence stage gets a normal skin tone which can protect from external effects on the skin. The adult stage is a stage where the skin becomes hard and can sustain any external effects. Old age is a stage where people become very sensitive to external effects need special care to be taken to ensure safe skin.

Skin Changes with Age on Skin

It’s important to note that not all people experience these skin changes at the same time. The skin undergoes a drastic change as we grow older. Some of the indicators of aging include,

  • Wrinkles form on the surface of the skin which occurs due to habitual facial expressions such as smiling and laugh lines. Wrinkles are also common on the forehead.
  • Dry – lifeless skin, where lack of nutrient and nourishment is felt like a pale effect. As the blood flow becomes uneven in the skin tissues. Dryness is also caused due to lack of oil secretion in the skin leading to cracking of upper skin layer leaving a segmenting pattern.
  • Long hair on the skin. Permanent hair removal is sometimes in need because of excessive growth of hair which makes people look awkward. This can be rectified through hair removal techniques such as waxing, laser treatment, hair removal creams, and wax strips.
  • Darkening of the skin happens due to more melanin pigmentation or due to shrunken skin. Pigmentation problems are most common as we grow older. Which may be excess or lack in pigmentation. Leaving skin in irregular coloration.

Changes Occurring Inside the Skin:

  • Muscular loosening of skin tissues on face, chin, cheeks, neck, and other sensitive areas. Bone shrinks and loses volume causing skin dropping. Mostly seen in face and knee areas, where the skin becomes clustered and dark. Skin tissues lose their elasticity leaving the muscle loose.
  • Skin melanin pigments get reduced causing whitening of skin from inside.
  • Fat content under the skin layer reduces as we age leaving the skin dull.

Factors that contribute to skin changes with age

  • More exposure to sunlight and UV rays which causes damage to the skin at an earlier age
  • Hereditary factors affect our skin. As time passes the skin loses its gorgeous glowing looks as it becomes too thin and saggy, damaged, dry and pale. Skin coloration varies from dull to dark and vice-versa depending on the individual’s genes.
  • Smoking stimulates a premature aging process causing cell damage underneath the skin.
  • Environmental factors that the skin is exposed to. Pollution causes skin damage, closing the pores which block the skin from breathing which has a negative impact.
  • Our lifestyle and daily routines too affect the skin leaving our skin lifeless.
  • The sudden loss of weight also causes skin wrinkles as the fat content in the skin layers get reduced.
  • Excess drug usage also makes skin look pale, dry and thinner

Slowing Down Skin Changes

Although these skin changes must occur. We can delay the onset of the changes as well as reduce the extent to which the changes occur. The skincare industry has made significant progress in slowing the aging process and people can still look great with mature skin.

The fleshy skin layer gives a bony skeleton look as it becomes less energized. We can rectify these skin problems with proper exercise. As the collagen and elastin present in the connective tissue of the skin gets weaker or decreases in number, our skin is prone to shrink and wrinkle and loses fat, elasticity and smoothness.

Facial muscles get accustomed to our facial expressions as the wrinkles form in the face. Creases on the forehead, skin drooping on the cheeks and neck, shrinks at the margin of lips, eye wrinkle marks, under-eye swelling and dryness in the skin all occur. Wrinkles can be managed with a healthy balanced diet which includes fresh fruits and vegetables, green leaves, dry fruits, and some fitness exercises.

Natural Home Remedies

Skin tone and texture can be maintained as healthy and nourished by drinking more water and adopting a diet that supports healthy skin. Aging of the skin is not preventable as it is a natural happening process. Below are some remedies that can be used to achieve sparkling skin.

  • Apply the mashed banana pulp on the face, leave it for 20 min, wash it off with cold water. This will make skin rejuvenated and supple.
  • Apply egg white on the skin and under eyes, wash it off after it dries up.
  • Smash apple pulp and apply over the face and wash off after 15 min, it makes skin fill the wrinkles with periodic use.
  • Avoid direct use of turmeric which may cause more wrinkles on a continuous basis.
  • Apply a mixture of lemon juice with sugar and apply in dark areas such as knees and elbows to remove darkening.

Other Remedies

  • Use a natural moisturizing cream to massage the skin every night to get soft and supple skin.
  • Use sunscreen lotion to prevent skin diseases due to overexposure to UV rays.

Mental Health and Skin Changes

Mental health is also involved in maintaining healthy glowing skin. Regardless of the stage of aging you are at, experiencing high-stress levels will cause negative effects.

Physical fitness and mental wellness can be reflected on the skin. We can fight the premature aging process by keeping our body fit. Skin maintenance is as important as feeling younger and healthier.

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