DIY permanent hair removal

DIY Body Hair Removal

DIY body hair removal at the comfort of your home is a natural way of getting rid of hair that is growing in areas that it’s unwanted. This recipe can be used anywhere on any skin including your face and it is super effective.

bakuchiol oil

Bakuchiol VS Retinol

Bakuchiol vs retinol is becoming a consideration for skincare product manufacturers as well as consumers. Bakuchiol as a skincare ingredient has been around for, yeah, kind of the last year and that has slowly made its way into my skincare routine too.


DIY Rose Water

DIY Rose water is easy to make at home. Rose water has anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce redness and calm the skin. It’s also extremely refreshing and hydrating. You can use it as a toner, a mixing medium for powdered masks, a hair rinse, and in many other different do-it-yourself beauty recipes.

Indian skin whitening

Indian Skin Whitening

Indian skin whitening secrets are preferred by many people because they use natural products and have no chemicals. They have also been in use for centuries and have been perfected over time. People with different types of skin types can find a recipe that suits them easily.